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Stop sabotaging your
life with indecision. 

*A practical, step-by-step
guide to using intuition
to make clearer, better 
decisions that reflect
your Greater self 
instead of your fear and your ego.

an eight-week program launching Sept 15, 2023
(and yes, atheists welcome!)

Know you are here for something more, and a life of service? But somehow can't step into your power, and feel alone with it all?

*Know you have purpose but feel constantly off track?

*Mean to live by your intuition but end up indecisive, faltering, sabotaging, and panicking instead?

*Want to inspire people but end up feeling drained by others?

*Just have a constant nagging feeling that you could be so much more? And that you keep getting sidetracked from your purpose?

*Exhausted by all the endless effort you make that seems to just lead you back to the same place? 

*Sometimes feel so connected to God/Goddess/the Divine/ Source Energy/ your Higher Self... other times feel so far off you  wonder if you are plain delusional?

Abstract Lights

Welcome to Higher Led, an eight-week program that will help you go from thinking you are aligned with the Divine* to knowing you are. To wanting to serve to being sure you are serving.


*Note, even if you are atheist! You don't have to believe in God to be divinely led, you can believe in your Higher Self.

This course is for you if you'd like to experience the following

This course is for you if you'd like to experience the following: 
*feel in flow every day and not some days
*a stronger connection to your Higher Self
*clearer guidance you can count on instead of constantly end up questioning

*less panic and anxiety  panic about what to do next or if you are making mistakes
*becoming more magnetic to your perfect clients and social tribe
*an ability to use everything around you as a divine blueprint constantly giving you information
*feel more at ease and happy with the life you have and sure you are moving towards a life that will fit you even more.

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