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changes everything!

Wave goodbye to being intuitive when helping others, but secretly getting stuck when reading your OWN life. 

Say hello to all new clarity about yourself, and the ability to calmly make life decisions. 

Welcome to an online course that helps you finally read yourself as well as you can read others.


Clear & Reliable
At Last!  


Isn't it time to STOP the self-sabotage and move forward at last, creating a life where you can be yourself and SHINE?! 

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"It's like I  have some psychic abilities that I never knew I had, and it's really making my work with clients powerful. You and your amazing abilities inspired me to look deeper at myself and what I really wanted. You are such a gift to the world, thank you Efa." 

*No more worrying if the voice you are hearing is really intuition or just your anxiety and fears at play

*No more letting your hidden limiting beliefs ruin your guidance when it comes to your own life

*No more endless indecision and taking days, weeks, or even months to make life choices

*No more telling yourself 'this is my intuition' when deep down you know you are making an excuse to be self-destructive


​*No more doubting your own intuitive gift!


"It's like I  have some psychic abilities that I never knew I had, and it's really making my work with clients powerful. You and your amazing abilities inspired me to look deeper at myself and what I really wanted. You are such a gift to the world, thank you Efa." 

Hugh Osbourne, coach and hypnotherapist

Do you know what was SERIOUSLY embarrassing for me? Tell me if you understand... To be a known intuitive, helping other people rock at life in a big way, but to constantly be making utterly crap decisions in my OWN life.  Or how about the time a cynical 'friend' said to me,  "How can you be intuitive when your own life is such a mess?"


She was right, too. I was a TERRIBLE decision maker, that was the big problem. I'd try to use my intuition on myself, and I'd get some guidance, but then I would worry it wasn't right. Or I'd be so anxious about a big decision I couldn't tell the difference between my feelings of fear and my anxiety!  The end result? Cue the overthinking. Meaning decisions took days or weeks or longer, or I just went into avoidance mode.


Indecision and avoidance mean we live our lives at half mast, never fully embracing the greatness of all that we are. We don't fully use our God-given talents, and have a constant sense of underachieving. Sound familiar? 

I decided enough was enough, and begged the Universe to show me a better way.


Bit by bit, a system fell into place! And I created new methods that not only worked, they were fun. 


'The Self-Intuition Toolkit'

 helps you to:

  • troubleshoot your general approach to using intuition

  •  integrate your entire body into your intuitive process 

  • separate out your mind, with all its self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and anxiety, from your Higher Self

  • get aligned, move forward faster, and truly recognise who you are and what you want.

Sneak Peek 


  •  The 5 MAIN BLOCKS TO SELF INTUITION -  the blocks you might be overlooking and the things that will instead supercharge your ability!.

  •  THE TRUTH ABOUT DECISION MAKING - what you need to understand about decisions (that might be holding you and your self-intuition back).


    • making sure your setup for self-reading is working for you

    • how to properly receive intuitive information

    • the power of the RIGHT questions to get helpful answers

    • how to correctly interpret the info you get 

    • what to do if it's not working or going well

    • the better self-reading format you need to know.

  • BODY-BASED INTUITION - my favourite power tool!! My unique 'Polarity Method' that means you get a clear read EVEN IF you have anxiety, fear, or feel foggy.

  • THE INTUITIVE CHAIR METHOD - my second favourite tool! A super fun way to supercharge any self reading by dividing out your mind and Higher self in a very powerful, visceral way. Helps you blast through blocks and channel new & surprising info. 


  • INVOLVING OTHERS - The pros and cons of engaging others in your self-intuitive process. How to turn an easy route to self-sabotage into something useful.  

  • SIGNS AND SYMBOLS - foolproof ways to use signs and symbols to confirm your self-readings, and how to translate them in a better way. 

  • INTUITIVE DREAMING -  tips for getting messages and then really cool ways to then use that info for even more of a download.

  • NEXT STEPS - important things to keep in mind on your intuitive decision- making journey of self.


I got so excited making this course and sharing my 'tried and tested' tools that  I've put in two extra videos that could rightfully be part of another training, but I'm leaving them in as bonuses for now. 

BONUS #1 - "The Negativity Dump".

An amazing way to clear your your emotional and mental backlog before an intuitive session, but also on a daily basis. Kick those fears, worries, anxieties, and big emotions in the arse so your intuition can come in clearly. 

BONUS #2 - "Intuitive Writing for Life Answers".

Including the power of 'hand switching' to be better at intuitive writing, what do do if you get stuck, pointers to improve your skill, and a video where you can look over my shoulder as I do an intuitive writing session. 


Abstract Lights

Why am I offering so much value for so darn cheap? Full disclosure. I want to find my tribe. Build a community as fast as possible. Start a movement. Once the ball is rolling, I'll make this a more expensive offering. So the $17 deal is temporary. If you want it, grab it! 


Heck no! The last thing anyone need if false promises. And guess what. You don't me to change your life! Because YOU can change it yourself. And what I'm here doing is giving you a toolkit to help make that happen. How much time and effort you commit to it is up to you. But if you put in the work you can expect to: 

  • have a clearer flow of intuition daily that you can actually trust

  • more effectively translate the information you receive 

  • turn your body into a fine-tuned, message receiving machine that means you stop mistaking anxiety for an intuitive message

  • effectively use dreams and other advanced intuitive methods to confirm your intuitions and expand on them

  • experience a deeper, more consistent sense of who you really are (freeing your intuition from fear and anxiety leads to a stronger sense of self)

  • make faster decisions that match who you really are instead of leave you feeling like you've gone against yourself

  • improve your self-esteem around decision making and trust yourself more

  • start to feel in control of your life and that you are on track instead of constantly self-sabotaging 

  • stop feeling stuck in life and start feeling excited to move forward and try new things.



  • The course a video series. You can watch the videos as many times as you like, in whatever order you want. Some courses come with extra transcripts and additional downloadable documents.  

  • And the course is yours! Yes, even in the future if I update the course and make it much more expensive. Once you are in, you are in. 


How do I access the videos?

Once you sign up to the course you'll receive an email explaining how to create your user account and access the course. 

Can I get a refund if I don't like it? 

No. I'm afraid with this course, at the price of a lunch out, and given how much value I'm offering for money, there is no refund offered.  


    An amazing intuitive tool-kit for the price of lunch out
    Valid for 2 months
    • 2 months full access to all videos and PDFs
  • Intuitive You PERMANENT ACCESS

    Permanent access to this course including all updates
    • Permanent access for the lifetime of this course

Efa’s intuitive abilities are phenomenal, credible and accurate providing great clarity and peace. I have know Efa for over 6 years and during this time she has lived her own life by her intuition and inner guidance. I strongly recommend anyone wanting answers, clarity and guidance to reach out to Efa as she is a truly beautiful soul with absolutely wonderful gifts to share.


- Matt Taylor, the Karmic Alchemist for Modern Times

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