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The Person You are Here to Be.

Stop living a half-life and start living out your gifts and your greatness


Meet EFA

Spent far too much of your life seeking a perfect teacher to make you better? Only to find yourself exhausted and disappointed? Deep down have a funny feeling that YOU are the missing piece?

I'm here to tell you that you are right. You are your own answer. All the wisdom you ever needed is within you. My goal is to show you how to access it and how to fully live what you are capable of being. 

Yes, no matter how crap your past was. How much trauma you lived through. How much bad sh*t you might think you've done. You are the magic no matter what. Are you ready?

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"It's like I  have some psychic abilities that I never knew I had, and it's really making my work with clients powerful. You and your amazing abilities inspired me to look deeper at myself and what I really wanted. You are such a gift to the world, thank you Efa." 

Hugh Osborne, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist

Candy Cotton

"Efa has genius level wisdom and is a rare and exceptional intuitive coach. She has uncanny intuition and is always so spot-on, getting to the heart of the matter in a flash. She helps you see your blind spots and the way out from inner limitations that are impacting your reality clearly and compassionately- she doesn’t judge and holds space for you. Any time with Efa is a metamorphic process.”

- Aine Belton

Efa’s intuitive abilities are phenomenal, credible and accurate providing great clarity and peace. I have know Efa for over 6 years and during this time she has lived her own life by her intuition and inner guidance. I strongly recommend anyone wanting answers, clarity and guidance to reach out to Efa as she is a truly beautiful soul with absolutely wonderful gifts to share.

- Matt Taylor the Karmic Alchemist for Modern Times


Childhood Trauma

Shadow Work

(or what I call "Balance Work")

Developing Your Intuition 

Dreamwork and Dreamplay

How to Channel Your Wisdom

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"The only thing 'weird' about many of the tools I teach is that we have not long accepted they are a normal and useful function of our brains."

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