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Yes, you 


Your Intuitive 
Starts Now!

Turn an innate talent ALREADY within you into a way to supercharge your decision making process, stop the faffing about and the self- sabotage at long last, and FINALLY start moving towards the life where you can truly be yourself and SHINE. 
(Yes, even if you've never seen yourself as intuitive before or are a super logical sort)


**Note this discounted price expires December 31st, 2023**.

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"It's like I  have some psychic abilities that I never knew I had, and it's really making my work with clients powerful. You and your amazing abilities inspired me to look deeper at myself and what I really wanted. You are such a gift to the world, thank you Efa." 

Hugh Osbourne, coach and hypnotherapist

Do you know what blocks most people? What they actually waste the most time on? No, it’s not binge watching TV.  It’s indecision and fear 

of making the wrong choice. 


You see the reason we end up watching too damn much TV in the first place is because we are avoiding making a decision. Or as we are triggered into trauma mode. And why? Because we made a poor decision yet again!! We made a decision from fear and lack instead of our wisdom and knowing.


Indecision is also the reason we keep putting off our life. Doing things beneath us and never being the greatness of who we truly are. Living at half mast. Not using our God-given talents. Ending up in bad relationships, and constantly feeling life a failure. Sound familiar? 




My mission with my course "Intuitive You" is to help you stop the madness. To stop letting what should be a quick process devour months if not years worth of your life. To give you, in a set of easy to watch and follow videos, a set of tools that help you combine logic with intuition so that you can move forward faster and truly recognise who you are and what you want.

*Yes, even if you've never seen yourself as intuitive before.

Sneak Peek 


  •  The 5 MAIN BLOCKS TO INTUITION -  (and the things that will instead supercharge your ability!).

  •  THE TRUTH ABOUT DECISION MAKING - what you need to understand about decisions (that might be holding you and your intuition back).


    • how to ground

    • becoming fully present

    •  feeling safe and protected during the read

    •  tools that can help you enter an intuitive state.


    • how to properly receive the information

    • the power of the RIGHT questions to get helpful answers

    • how to correctly interpret the info you get 

    • what to do if it's not working or going well

    • the self-reading format you need to know.


    • what 'intuitive writing' actually is ​

    • what to do if you are not a writer or good at writing

    • the tools required for an intuitive writing session

    • how to prepare yourself for an intuitive writing session

    • 'hand-switching' to improve your channel

    • what to do if you get stuck or it isn't working 

    • pointers to improve your intuitive writing skill

    • PLUS a video where I do a session and you watch me. 

  • SIGNS AND SYMBOLS - foolproof ways to call in and translate them.

  • BODY-BASED INTUITION - my unique 'Polarity Method' that means you get a clear read EVEN IF you have anxiety or feel foggy.


  • INVOLVING OTHERS - The pros and cons of engaging others in your intuitive process (an easy route to self-sabotage!).

  • INTUITIVE DREAMING -  tips for getting messages and really cool ways to then use that info for even more of a download.

  • NEXT STEPS - important things to keep in mind on your intuitive decision- making journey.


I got so excited making this course and sharing my 'tried and tested' tools that continue to do so much for my life I overshared!  I've put in two extra videos that could rightfully be part of another training, but I'm leaving them in as bonuses for now. 

BONUS #1 - "The Negativity Dump".

An amazing way to clear your your emotional and mental backlog before an intuitive session, but also on a daily basis. 

BONUS #2 - "The Intuitive Chair Method".

This is a unique method I created that tends to supercharge any reading or help you blast through blocks. Plus it happens to be a lot of fun to do! 

How do I know that poor decision making is crashing your ability to be your real self and have a life you love?  That it’s largely decision-making issues that hold back so many people? 


It’s because I myself, left to my own devices, am a TERRIBLE decision maker!

I honestly would spend YEARS putting off big decisions. Delaying a move I needed to make, either career wise, relationship-wise, financially, or even, literally, staying in accommodation that was not good for me. I would go into huge cycles of overthinking, spending days, weeks, months, or even years just frozen. And then out would come all my delay tactics and sabotage. Overeating, addictive relationships, over giving and spending all my time helping others instead of myself, binge watching TV…. you get the picture!

Then in a very low period, I found myself temping at a publisher’s office. I was working as the personal assistant to a real….. jerk. Let’s just put it that way. He had a terrible personality, and, worse, he was brutally incompetent. I even at one point found a calculating error in a document he’d drafted and saved the company thousands of pounds!! 

I found myself asking, how it is someone like this can do so well, a horrible, lazy person? When I am stuck being a slave for him?


And then he left the door open during an important meeting. My desk was just outside, and I heard everything. And do you know what I noticed? That he made decisions immediately, and with super confidence, as if he owned the world. 

And it hit me. That was the difference between me and him. Decision making. I suddenly realised that all these big men in suits running things didn’t know what they were doing half the time. They were simply the ones who dared to make the decisions. That’s how powerful decision making is!


And I wanted that. i wanted to be better at decisions. 


But here’s the problem - I also wanted to be a good person.


I didn’t want to make decisions at the expense of others, or from a space of greed, like this guy seemed to. So I studied decision making. I learned that it’s not just the big decisions we make that matter, but the little ones. All the micro decisions we make on a daily basis that lead us to needing to make those big decision in the first place. 


That’s when I realised that I really didn’t have issues with micro decisions. I made them easily as used my intuition, a natural talent I inherited from my Mother. She taught me as a child how to be intuitive. 


I just never thought to consciously apply my intuition to big decisions!


So I started to. And over the years, I started to create a tool set of intuitive approaches that would get me out of my freeze and panic when big decisions arrived. That I am now offering to you for the crazy tiny sum of $17 for a two-month trial.

Abstract Lights

Why am I offering so much value for so darn cheap? Full disclosure. I want to find my tribe. Build a community as fast as possible. Start a movement. Once the ball is rolling, I'll make this a more expensive offering. So the $17 deal is temporary. If you want it, grab it! 


Heck no! The last thing anyone need if false promises. And guess what. You don't me to change your life! Because YOU can change it yourself. And what I'm here doing is giving you a toolkit to help make that happen. How much time and effort you commit to it is up to you. But if you put in the work you can expect to: 

  • sense your intuition and start to use it daily, even if you thought you'd never be intuitive

  • learn how to tap into that intuition in a safe, effective way, then correctly translate the information you receive 

  • understand how to turn your body into a fine-tuned, message receiving machine

  • be comfortable using dreams and other advanced intuitive methods to get clearer and faster intuitions around decisions you have to make 

  • experience a greater sense of who you really are (intuition taps into you greater, true self, not your fear and your ego)

  • make faster decisions that match who you really are instead of leave you feeling like you've gone against yourself

  • improve your self-esteem around decision making and raise your ability to trust yourself 

  • start to feel in control of your life and that you are on track instead of constantly self-sabotaging 

  • stop feeling stuck in life and start feeling excited to move forward and try new things.



  • The course a video series. You can watch the videos as many times as you like, in whatever order you want. Some courses come with extra transcripts and additional downloadable documents.  

  • And the course is yours! Yes, even in the future if I update the course and make it much more expensive. Once you are in, you are in. 


How do I access the videos?

Once you sign up to the course you'll receive an email explaining how to create your user account and access the course. 

Can I get a refund if I don't like it? 

No. I'm afraid with this course, at the price of a lunch out, and given how much value I'm offering for money, there is no refund offered.  


    An amazing intuitive tool-kit for the price of lunch out
    Valid for 2 months
    • 2 months full access to all videos and PDFs
  • Intuitive You PERMANENT ACCESS

    Permanent access to this course including all updates
    • Permanent access for the lifetime of this course

Efa’s intuitive abilities are phenomenal, credible and accurate providing great clarity and peace. I have know Efa for over 6 years and during this time she has lived her own life by her intuition and inner guidance. I strongly recommend anyone wanting answers, clarity and guidance to reach out to Efa as she is a truly beautiful soul with absolutely wonderful gifts to share.


- Matt Taylor, the Karmic Alchemist for Modern Times

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